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I can’t trust walls.
They harness wood
In case the fire
of our rage breaks out.
So I know
where you are going
when pride refuses to yield
and you no longer
want to look me
in the eye.

~Aya Al-Hakim©

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The word ‘dragon’ is derived from the Greek ‘edrakon,’ which is an aorist of the word ‘derkesthai,’ meaning ‘to see clearly.’ The Dragon as archetype is the conduit of clear sight, which racial knowlege flows. It also principally refers to transcendent consciousness.

- De Vere
, #dragon consciousness #to see clearly

Passion in a World of Steel

Steel made to be
the only reality.
To the point
where passion
is being crushed
by its demand
for slavery.
Until what’s
in-between my legs
is no longer mine, but
to the fire of steel-making

~Aya Al-Hakim©

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Ladies and Gentlemen...  →


I have started a project.

In acknowledgement of my own little angel/demon-thing that grows in the pits of our guts (no, not hunger) - desire - I have decided to begin this project and attempt to fulfill a desires that i believe most of us share; To actually do a worthwhile thing with our blocks…

I’m so excited for this! the project is plunging deep into the sick-abused heart of the middle-east to find beauty, wisdom and empowerment amidst all the horror happening today. We need this.

, #notesfromtheunprofound #middle east #speak up

Imprints on White


Our passion
Was so deliciously white
It would turn Lolita’s
Smeared red lips
Into a vision
Of the macabre.

~Aya Al-Hakim©

The Bow Held By Voice

The urgency of love
Sends out arrows
To let some
Speak in blood,
In their own language
And reveal the arrow
From beneath
Its invisible touch.
A relic to be passed on
By tongue and fist
That remembers.

~Aya Al-Hakim©

, #poetry #creative writing

Muse, Lover, in Dreams

I do not know
what you’re saying
as you change shape
every time I try to grasp you.

Yet, I head
towards every direction
to find a way to hold you
finding blocks along the way
to build a house for both of us.
To be no longer caught
in wild dreams
running in circles.

~Aya Al-Hakim©

, #poetry #creative writing

the rose


to a teacher 
of goddesses,
beauty and grace 
defined in bold lines 
of sacred poetry 
with the face 
of an angel 

happy birthday, therosesign

This is so beautiful! I am deeply touched. Thank you Christiane for making this extra special. You’re a gem to the TWC ❤️❤️

, #mermaidsbite